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Inspiring parents to connect creatively with their children in a fast-changing world


Nikki Bush has written a number of best-selling parenting books and a free eBook to give you a feel for her common-sense, creative approach to 21st century parenting.


Fuelled by her passion for play, connection and relationships, Nikki’s popular talks and workshops will help you to parent effectively on the run, in a fast-changing world.


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I’m creative parenting expert, Nikki Bush, and I’ve distilled over a dozen of my best parenting tips into a quick-to-read ebook for parents on the run like you. I’d like to send it your way, with my compliments. If you have ever made these comments or asked some of these questions, then this collection of parenting tips is perfect for you:

  • With so much information about parenting I’m more confused than ever!
  • I seem to be drowning in choices!
  • I am scared of my children’s future because I don’t understand it.
  • Stop the world, I want to get off!
  • I didn’t get the child I expected.
  • I’m stressed.
  • How can I make parenting more fun?
  • Childhood is rough, how can I make it easier for my child?
  • The parenting to-do-list just keeps getting longer!
  • My child is so busy, is she doing too much?
  • How can I be a hero in my child’s life-story?
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