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    Future-proof Your Child Talk
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Talent, education & parenting speaker and thought leader

Inspirational speaker and best-selling author, Nikki Bush, is highly regarded among the business community, educators and parents alike as she helps them to makes sense of, and stay connected in, a fast-changing world.

Nikki is a widely recognised thought leader with an extensive media footprint. She presents her distinctive talks and workshops to corporate, education and parenting groups. Through her creative and insightful presentations Nikki helps them to manage, educate and parent talent for the new world of work.

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  • Engaging with young talent in the workplace
  • Achieving business objectives with talent
  • Team building for employee engagement
  • Help for working parent

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  • Parent education and support
  • Making sense of a changing world for educators
  • Mind-set shifts for learners
  • Team building and branding for teachers

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  • Work-life balance advice
  • Future-proofing your children
  • Raising responsible digital citizens
  • Understanding child development

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