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Parenting speaker Nikki Bush.

Win @ Work and Life Podcast with Nikki Bush

Decompress and Reconnect Your Team

You’ll increase engagement and productivity.

Increase Retention of Your Talent

What is your staff turnover costing you?

Help Your Team Deal with Constant Change

Disruption doesn’t have to be stressful.

How I Can Help You Build Stronger Teams

Educational Institutions

A lot of educational institutions struggle to keep up with the pace of change to provide a relevant education and experience for young people today. I help schools and tertiary institutions prepare the next generation to adapt to a fast-changing world, becoming drivers of their own success journey.


Are you ready for the new workforce? Many seek to build a life and a career. They are driven by profit and purpose. They want clear expectations and flexibility. And they’re often struggling to balance it all, costing you productivity and engagement. Ignore their needs at your own peril, or engage them the right way and build a team your competitors wish they had.


The future is no longer predictable, which makes parents panic. 60% of jobs your children will have don’t yet exist. So how can you prepare your children for a changing world? I help parents build strong families that provide the foundation for empowered children of character and substance who will thrive in any circumstance.

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Published Books

Future-Proof Your Child Book
Easy Answers to Awkward Questions Book
Maklike Antwoorde op Ongemaklike Vrae Boek
Tech Savvy Parenting Book


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