Women’s Day is a time to treat the women in your organisation to a genuine dose of inspiration.

Look no further than Nikki Bush, one of only four women speakers in South Africa to have been awarded the highly regarded international CSP designation (Certified Speaking Professional). Nikki joined just 53 speakers in the world to receive this designation in 2016.

Nikki knows what it’s like to be a busy, multi-tasking woman. She also knows what women need to help them connect as human beings and not just human doings, and that they need to be encouraged to stand tall.

Nikki is a recently widowed mother of two boys. She is also an entrepreneur who has run her own business for 26 years. She is a professional speaker and best-selling author of three books with over 20 000 print books sold. She is also a media commentator and thought leader on a number of issues including parenting, work-life balance and nurturing talent in the world of work. She is the parenting and family expert on both Radio 702/Cape Talk and SABC3’s Expresso making weekly appearances.

Nikki’s Women’s Day presentations

This Women’s Day, Nikki is offering 5 of her signature presentations to raise women up to be the best that they can be:

-Six Minutes That Changed My Life – Nikki shares her journey of hope from collateral damage to collateral beauty after the brutal murder of her husband in 2017. Click here for more info.

-Get Outta Your Head – team building workshop – a playful reminder of how to be a human being rather than a human doing. Click here for more info.

-Parenting on the Run – a practical and inspiring workshop for working parents who are long on love and short on time. Click here for more info.

-Brand You – personal branding in the workplace especially for network marketing and direct selling companies and franchise operations. Click here for more info.

-5 Jackets, 3 careers, 1 brand©  – Inspirational speaker and best-selling author, Nikki Bush, takes you behind the scenes of what it takes to build a strong brand by sharing the lessons she has learnt from wearing five different jackets and building three different careers. Click here for more info.

Help your women to stand tall

National Women’s Day in South Africa, is a reminder of a time in our history when women came together and took a stand against the Apartheid regime and said, “No more!” Today, Women’s Day is more about helping women to stand up for themselves in society and in the workplace because they are empowered to do so.

If you, as an organisation, want to open the door for your women to stand tall in society, then grab the opportunity to let them be inspired by Nikki Bush.

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Book a motivational speaker for Women’s Day 2019

Few people know that many women struggle with maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Women are under immense pressure, which is why you should book a dynamic presentation by a leading motivational speaker in South Africa to celebrate Women’s Day this month.

Nikki Bush is an inspirational speaker and best-selling author who is highly regarded amongst parents, educators and business people alike as she helps them make sense of parenting, child development, work-life balance and talent issues in a fast-changing world. Contact Nikki Bush for more information about presenting at your office.

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