Get Outta Your Head Team-Building Workshop

Professional speaker and author, Nikki Bush, is a master of fun and always full of bright ideas. She has a creative solution for your Year End Team-building event this year that will be Fun, Unforgettable and Novel.

Her dynamic, interactive Get Outta Your Head workshop is suitable for groups from 15 to 150 people it is guaranteed to have your audience rocking in no time at all as they rediscover the power of play, laughter and connection.

In a fast-paced, performance-driven, high-tech world, busyness transcends everything. Stopping, being, feeling and connecting are falling by the wayside. In the process women are becoming human doings and forgetting what it feels like to be human beings.

For effective productivity and more meaningful engagement in the workplace, everyone is desperately seeking ways to reconnect with self and others, to bring our humanity back into the room with all its wisdom and creativity. Nikki Bush can help you do just that.

Nikki will guide your audience through a number of powerful play-based processes/activities with facilitated conversation that will result in A-Haaa moments / profound personal realisations around:

  • relating
  • communicating
  • connecting
  • collaborating
  • co-operating
  • creating (new ideas or ways of thinking about something)
  • leveling the playing fields between employees
  • breaking down barriers between people
  • performance and productivity
  • engagement

This workshop can run for 1 – 3 hours depending on your requirements. It can be done in the workplace or off-site. You just need flexible seating at tables for your group with a bit of extra space around the room for some processes that may require floor space.

Nikki’s signature Get Outta Your Head Workshop is guaranteed to generate hysterical laughter, high energy, happiness, connection and learning in an unforgettable and novel way. See a sample from one such workshop in the video below.

For your Fun, Unforgettable, Novel Women’s Day event this year, CLICK HERE to book your FUN event now.

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