Let Go & Let Grow!

Secrets to raising independent, resourceful & resilient children in 2017
Suitable for parents of preschool and primary school

We live in a fast-changing, unpredictable world. Donald Trump, Jacob Zuma, the Rand-Dollar exchange rate, the increasing cost of living, high unemployment figures, and disruption in the world of work because of technology, are just a handful of many things making parents very nervous about today, let alone their children’s future. When we feel out of control our response is to go into hyper-control, resulting in more and more helicopter & lawnmower parenting.

In this inspiring and insightful presentation Nikki Bush, well-known creative parenting expert, speaker and co-author of the best-selling book Future-proof Your Child (Penguin), will convince you that letting go and letting grow are both essential to loving and parenting your children wisely so that they develop the twin X-factors of resourcefulness and resilience.

Parents need to be reminded of the fact that the ultimate goal of parenting is to let our children go – even into this crazy warp-speed world.  Independence will also be our children’s ultimate request from us – quite a daunting and emotional thought for parents who are used to holding on tightly to those kite strings.

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Venue:   Bryanston/Fourways (address details will be confirmed on booking)

Dates:    Saturday, 11 February 9.30 – 11.30am OR Monday, 13 February 7 – 9pm

Cost:       R550 per person including refreshments (seats are limited)

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