More Women are Working Than Ever Before

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Nikki-Bush-Nelson-MandelaYou don’t need to be a rocket scientist or have facts and figures at your finger tips to know that there are more women in the workforce today than ever before. I can tell you, from my own observations, that 10 years ago, when I presented a parenting talk upwards of 70% of the women in my audience would be stay at home moms. Today, over 80% of the women in my audiences work, if not more.

Women are increasingly contributing to the economy in both the formal and informal sectors while largely still holding on to many of the household responsibilities they have always had. Women juggle many balls at the same time and, while it can be exhilarating, it also brings its own unique stresses.

It’s a juggling act

You see, we, like men, can have it all. But not all at the same time. We cannot play our A game in every area of our lives simultaneously (although we are always trying).  Neither can men. Whatever you focus on most, flourishes, it’s how the universe works. In other words, that which gets more of your attention will grow. This means that we need to rotate all our areas of focus often to ensure they get enough or our attention to keep on flourishing, from our children to our work, from our family to our friends, from our body to our minds, to our financial affairs.

Having to juggle so many things, all of them important, means that we need to be inspired and energised because our lives are filled with hundreds of choices about how to split and divide and spend our time. And balance is a myth. Dynamic balance needs to be our goal.

In the busy rush of it all we must never forget our own humanity and that all those we connect with at home and at work are human beings first, before being resources that must be used or managed. We need to keep our own self-respect and dignity while honouring that of others too. I call it ‘keeping the human in the middle’.

Be inspired this Women’s Month

So, Women’s Day, on 9 August and in fact, the entire month of August, is a reminder to support the all that women contribute to society at home and at work. It is an opportunity to celebrate being a woman and to inspire the women in your group or organisation. Why not book a guest speaker to motivate and connect your group?

Why not book me?Book-Nikki-Bush-womens-day

The history of Women’s Day – where does it come from?

Women’s Day in South Africa is a reminder of the day when 20 000 women marched to the Union Buildings to hand over a petition protesting against the Pass Laws and demanding equal rights and better treatment of women. The day is commemorated on the 9th of August each year since 1959 and reminds us that by providing women with equal rights, improved education, opportunities for labour force participation and an increase in earning opportunity, socio-economic development in the community and country is boosted.

Lillian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa and Sophia Williams set a fine example of the important role women have in the social and economic development of South Africa. Lillian and her partners were actually in attendance at the 1959 Women’s Day march and it was Lillian’s suggestion for the crowd to remain completely silent outside the Union Buildings for 30 minutes before the crowd dispersed singing ‘Nkosi Sikelel‘ iAfrika’, at the end of the march. Lillian was the first women to be elected to the executive committee of the African National Congress, and also helped launch the Federation of South African Women.

Honour the strength of a woman this Women’s Day

Sixty years on, let’s use August to honour the strength of women in our society. Have you thought about how you would like to do this? If you would like to know what I can offer you, click here.

Women’s Day is not just for women in the workplace, but for every women in our country. Here’s to you all. I salute you.

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