Motivate, inspire and treat your teaching staff with a great workshop

teachersHave you considered positive teaching workshops or talks for your teachers to help them adapt to a fast-changing, high-pressure world? Teachers today are not just imparting knowledge to learners but are facing the reinvention of the profession to match both the different generation of children they are teaching and the disruptive changes that technology is bringing to education itself.

Teachers play an integral part in raising the next generation of talent for the world of work and it can be challenging and exhausting work. Keeping educators motivated, inspired, up-to-date and feeling appreciated is vital if you want them to continue striving and reaching higher. By hiring the right speaker, you can ensure they start the new school year feeling refreshed, inspired and ready for whatever comes their way.

As 2016 looms on the horizon and the weariness from 2015 starts to creep in, every school teacher needs to take time to regroup, reconnect with themselves and members of their team, and regain some perspective. In fact, they need to find reasons to celebrate why they became a teacher in the first place as well as finding new ways of coping with stress and overcoming challenges so that 2016 will be their best year yet. You can provide your staff with the opportunity to achieve just this by hiring Nikki Bush, a professional motivational speaker who is a renowned expert in managing, educating and parenting talent for the world of work, to present a talk or workshop for them.

Nikki entertains and educates her audience with creative flair and style. Your staff complement will leave inspired, motivated, connected and ready for the new term or a new school year.

Book a teacher’s workshop with Nikki Bush for 2016 today!

Nikki Bush offers a variety of teacher talks and workshops that encourage positive teaching against the backdrop of a fast-changing world. She also runs fabulous staff team-building sessions and takes teachers on a unique personal branding journey. She has a whole list of workshop options for you to choose from and will ensure your school and its staff members receive the boost needed to make a success out of 2016.

To learn more about booking Nikki Bush for teacher talks and workshops or for effective parenting talks and workshops in 2016, contact us today.

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