Outdoor Toys For Easter Fun

My Top Outdoor Toys To Enjoy When You Travel Over Easter

Fun toys for outdoor fun on the beach, in the pool, sandpit or garden, whether you are on a staycation or a vacation.
Research tells us what we instinctively know – spending time outdoors is healthy for kids and families.


Top Outdoor Toys for Easter Holiday Fun!


Surfer Dudes!

Introducing the world’s Surfer Boomerang™. It’s the self-righting, self-surfing, Surfer Dude toy. Just toss it into the ocean and watch it surf the waves back to shore – literally. It’s amazing! It’s the perfect beach toy for kids and adults, no batteries required. Have a blast in the waves alongside your “Surfer Dude” friend. Choose from six fun characters: Hossegor Hank, Costa Rica Rick, Aussie Alice, Donegan Doolin, Sumatra Sam, Bali Bobbi. Snap it. Toss it. Throw it. Race it. Battle it. Surfer Dudes will change the way you do beach fun! Conquer the waves like a pro.

Number of players: 1
Brand: Surfer Dudes
Age: 2 years to adult

Bouncy Paddle and Ball Set!

This is an interesting, light and flat-pack version of the traditional beach bat and ball. The set comes with 2 trampoline-like circular fabric ‘bats’, and two rubbery pom-pom-like balls. Adults and children of all ages can play regular single-handed bat and ball games hitting to each other, or hold the ‘bat’ with both hands and invent games like sky ball – hit the ball as high as possible into the air and the other player catches it on the reverse side of their ‘bat’. Endless ways to play and you can use the round ‘bats’ as frisbees to throw to each other too.

Number of players: 2 or more
Brand: Kalabazoo
Age: 5 +

Seaside Sidekicks Nesting Pails

This set of five buckets is perfect for the beach. They nest inside each other for easy storage and can be stacked on top of each other to make a tall castle too. Your child will be able to build sandcastles of different sizes and each bucket has a different seaside character on the top, making each castle original. More than one bucket means more than one child can play with this set at a time. The buckets can also be used for counting, maths and colour activities as they are all numbered and are different colours and sizes. Perfect for the beach, bath and for playing at home too.

Number of players: 1 or more
Brand: Melissa and Doug
Age: 1 +

Realflyer Dragon

Realflyers are made of durable high-density foam that is crash-resistant and flies up to 25 metres. It has a 45cm wingspan – watch it glide. The hand launch dragon is easy, even for the youngest of children to play with. Hours of fun to be had whether you are at the beach, in a park or in your own garden. Older children can create competitions such as who can throw the furthest or the highest.

Number of players: 1 or more
Brand: Poio
Age: 4 +

*Disclaimer: All items listed are subject to availability

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