Parenting advice: why you are the gatekeeper when it comes to digital content

Gaming Nikki BushAs a parenting expert, I strongly advise parents to be awake to the digital content their children engage with. Here is an excerpt from the best-selling book, Tech-Savvy Parenting (Bookstorm, 2014) by Nikki Bush & Arthur Goldstuck:

Just as you might not want your children watching an age-restricted movie, or reading an adults-only magazine, so you should be concerned about what they view on the Internet, their cellphones or gaming console. Just because it is on a screen doesn’t mean you have no jurisdiction or say in the matter.

Inappropriate games are often readily for sale to children way below the recommended age guidelines. In large toy stores with gaming departments, children of all ages can easily purchase games with 16 and 18 age restrictions without the salesperson batting an eyelid. The premise that if you have the cash, you can get the game. Many parents do not supervise their children’s tech-shopping experiences and are unaware of what their children are purchasing.

Because the brain remembers everything it sees, children cannot easily erase a disturbing or uncomfortable gaming experience from their minds. They have to be helped to assimilate and understand it for it not to have a negative impact. Let’s face it, in how many households are parents there to witness what their children are actually playing? And, of course, many children are exposed to such games in other people’s homes too, in the same way they may view movies they would not generally see at home. Value systems differ from home to home and children need to know what is and is not okay for them to play or view. Not that it will always stop them, but at least you have brought the issue to their attention, enabling them to make conscious choices.

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