Which Female Speakers can Address Parents Best

Parents can interact with Nikki in a variety of ways face-to-face or online:

  1. Attend public talks or workshops. Announcements of events are made via Nikki’s monthly newsletter, on this website and via social media. Make sure you are connected.
  2. Attend private talks or workshops held at your school, place of business, religious or community group, or organise you own.
  3. Subscribe to Nikki’s exclusive Parenting Matters Programme. An online parenting coaching programme that will be launched later this year providing you with weekly input from Nikki, action lists, downloadable resources and a members only Facebook page where Nikki will answer your queries.
  4. Subscribe to Nikki’s monthly newsletter that is sent out via email to be informed and inspired.
  5. Connect with Nikki on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Linked In.

To book Nikki for a private event (corporate, school, community organisation, social group), please contact her directly at: nikki@0cb.ab6.myftpupload.com

See the list of talks and workshops below to guide you in your selection.


  • Beyond the Nappy Bag® A fun and interactive workshop about how to creatively stimulate the perceptual skills your child needs for school-readiness. For parents of 2 – 5 year olds.
  • Big Kid Fun© The ‘how to’ for hilarious family fun with older children from eight to teens. For parents of children from 8 years to teens.
  • Birthday Talk© Party ideas including themes, games and party food as well as gift ideas. Makes party planning a breeze. For parents of 2 – 8 year olds who attend a lot of children’s parties.
  • Bridging the Digital Divide© To create tech-savvy children parents need to bridge the digital divide and find their middle ground in a world of digital challenges. Talk for senior primary and high school parents.
  • Children Living in the Red Zone© What’s stressing our children? Who is responsible and what can we do about it? Talk for pre- and primary school parents.
  • Children of Substance© We need to bring up children of substance, with a strong inner core, who will be able to adapt and adopt in a fast-changing world. Workshop for high school parents.
  • Connect the Tots© Construction toys provide a creative and interactive way of reinforcing so many essential skills that bring learning alive for children. Every child needs to build! Come prepared to play in this workshop for pre- and primary school parents.
  • Connecting through the Noise and Clutter© Learn how to understand and overcome the noise of technology and the clutter of consumerism that runs interference between us and our children. Talk for pre- and primary school parents.
  • Future-Proof Your Child® What you need to know about tomorrow today, why you need to know it and what you need to do to prepare today’s children for a fast-changing world? Explore the X-factors for success in the new world of work and how to develop them in your children. Talk for pre- and primary school parents.
  • Let out those kite strings!© Letting go and letting grow are both essential to loving and parenting your children to enable them to survive and thrive independently of you in a fast-changing world. Workshop for pre- and primary school parents.
  • Parenting on the Run® A poignant, fun and interactive workshop to help pre- and primary school parents with work-life balance. Discover how to stay connected to your children despite your busyness through the art of being truly present.
  • Tech-Savvy Parenting Tech, screens and connectivity dominate children’s lives today. Parents need to become tech-savvy so that their children become responsible digital citizens one day. For parents of toddlers through to teens.
  • Toy Talk® An annual event held every November where Nikki Bush presents her highly recommended selection of hot toys and games for 0 – 12 year olds.


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