Double Up Women’s Day Event 2019 – 2nd September


Join me, Nikki Bush, for a Double Up exclusive event on the 2nd September.

There will be no more than 15 of us in this session. This will be an up-close and personal, intimate event. I will be presenting the unplugged versions of Which Jacket Are You Wearing Now AND Comma Or Full Stop – You Choose.

There will be no Powerpoint. Just you and me with time to connect, share, celebrate and explore reinvention wherever you may find yourself in your life’s journey right now. It is going to be spring, after all, the sap is rising and it’s time for rebirth and seeing yourself, your journey and your evolution differently.

Date: Monday, 2nd September 2019
Venue: Fourways Gardens
Time: 7-9:30pm
Talks: “Which Jacket Are You Wearing Now” AND “Comma or Full Stop – You Choose”
Price: R799pp OR Groups of 10+ get a 10% discount!

*Only 15 tickets available*

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Nikki will present two of her very popular presentations which weave seamlessly into each other to create a much bigger story and more take-home value for both individuals and teams. Come and be inspired.

Double up with Nikki Bush

Two of her signature presentations:

  1. Which Jacket Are You Wearing Now AND
  2. Comma or Full Stop – You Choose

Read below for more detailed talk descriptions.

You get:

  • A copy of Nikki’s ‘What If’ File checklist
  • Welcome refreshments
  • Light Supper
  • Exclusive event with a maximum of 15 people
  • Networking


Which Jacket Are You Wearing Now?

Do we ever stop to wonder how we got to here? This presentation is a reminder to every woman of the journey they have walked; how everything they have done and experienced to this point has contributed to where they find themselves now. It’s also a celebration of the lessons and wisdom they have learnt along the way that continue to shape and inform their own personal empowerment story, their own brand of one. Nothing is forgotten, nothing is lost.
Inspirational speaker and best-selling author, Nikki Bush, takes your audience behind the scenes of what it takes to build a strong personal brand. In this vibrant, energetic presentation she will literally wear five different jackets, sharing the most important lessons she learnt from wearing each of them, while building three different careers. Today she is a stand-out brand of one, a thought leader and media personality who inspires other women to aim higher while staying true to who they are.
Her presentation highlights:
  • How to hold on to what’s important to you
  • The importance of connecting with others and not travelling through life alone
  • Finding mentors on your journey
  • Taking responsibility for one’s choices
  • How life does not unfold in a straight line, no matter your age, life stage or position in the workplace.

Comma or full stop? You choose

A journey of hope from collateral damage to collateral beauty with Nikki Bush
Media personality, speaker and best-selling author, Nikki Bush shares her journey of hope from collateral damage to collateral beauty after losing her husband tragically in a home invasion in late 2017.
Whether you have lost a loved one, a marriage, a job, a fortune, a business or anything else, loss, grief and mourning are part of the human condition, and yet we regularly sweep them under the carpet all too quickly, with little exploration and self-discovery, despite the pain. In the process we give away all the learning, growth and possibilities that loss can bring.
Be inspired as Nikki shares her vulnerability, her story and a framework that is helping her to rebuild her life, her family, and her future. You will discover that you have the power to choose whether to be buried or planted by what life throws at you.
Nikki will share:
  • Her story of six minutes that changed her life
  • The Eureka moment that has guided her healing and growth
  • How collateral damage and collateral beauty can exist side-by-side
  • Her framework for loss of any kind
Nikki walks this journey with us every day or perhaps, more accurately, she does it all on the run, as most of us do! Her work is fuelled by her trademark passion for play, connection and relationships. Her approach is simple, her messages profound and her advice, practical and wise. Her high impact presentations make her memorable long after she has left the stage.