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Parenting tips and advice to future-proof your child

The world is changing at a pace and this is impacting on childhood, the way we parent and the future world of work our children will enter. Through this topic I help parents and educators make sense of a fast-changing world and how to prepare this generation of children with the five key X-factors they will need to succeed in their future.

I have put the following resources together to support parents and educators:

Parenting books to read

I have a range of noteworthy parenting books available to you and your family:

Future-proof Your Child (Penguin, 2008)

Tech-Savvy Parenting (Bookstorm, 2009)

Easy Answers to Awkward Questions (Metz Press, 2009)

Parenting Matters free ebook

Back-to-School Sanity Savers ebook

Talks for parents, educators and learners

I present my talks and workshops locally and internationally.

Future-proof Your Child
Tech-Savvy Parenting
Children Living in the Red Zone
Connecting through the Noise & Clutter
Children of Substance

Parenting on the Run
Let out those kite strings!
Beyond the Nappy Bag
Big Kid Fun


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