Positive parenting advice for parents on the run

Work-life balance issues are the Achilles Heel of 21st century parents and learning how to deal with these parenting challenges can be daunting. They can induce feelings of guilt that threaten to derail parent effectiveness and the joy, personal growth and adventure that should characterise positive parenting. This, in turn, can impact on mum and dad’s productivity at work. With more and more two-income households and single parents, mums and dads the world over are taking the heat.

Parenting on the Run is my practical, tried and tested philosophy for parents who are long on love and short on time, helping them to reinvent work-life balance, making the best and most creative use of the time that they already spend with their children, no matter how little that might be.

We can all be more creative with our time when we learn how to cheat time and make it work for us, connecting with our children and creating memories despite our busyness!

Workshops for parents on the run

Parenting on the Run is a poignant, practical, creative and interactive workshop that can be one to three hours long depending on the requirement of your group.

Talks and Games to Play

Toy Talk is my online toy store that supports the work I do with carefully selected games and toys that are both entertaining and educational at the same time. Check out ideas for what to buy when travelling with children.

I select games and toys for travel based on entertainment and educational value while also taking size and durable packaging into account.

Sanity savers for parents on the run

Back to School Sanity Savers is my e-book that helps parents on the run get their minds around being organised and connecting with their children despite morning madness, suicide hour and the demands of school. Full of practical ideas, checklists, podcasts etc. that will make your life so much easier.

Online Resources

Not all play has to involve physical toys and games. In fact children have so much stuff today that they don’t know how to be resourceful and make fun out of nothing. See below for dozens of Making Fun Out of Nothing activities (MFOON) that will help you to become a source of magic, wonder and surprise for your children. They can all be done with basic items and ingredients that are found in most homes and are in three categories:

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