The story of my two hats

For the past 18 months or so, I have worn two hats:

Creative Parenting Expert has been my descriptor for the past ten years. It was given to me by Dr Graeme Codrington, co-author of my best-selling book, Future-proof Your Child, who explained it like this: “You are an expert in helping today’s parents find creative solutions to raising their children and future-proofing them against the backdrop of a fast-changing world.” And so it stuck, and I distinctly remember that it became a fairly standard door opener in radio and television interviews, “So what is a a creative parenting expert?”. It seemed to pique people’s interest, opening up very interesting conversations.

The context for the work I have done in the parenting field has always been about raising children with their future in mind.  Future-proof Your Child, which was published by Penguin, continues to be a best seller and, while it was never intended to be prophetic, almost every scenario and prediction in the book (which was published in 2008) has come to pass. The world has, indeed, changed.

Over the years my work has naturally extended from the preschool to primary and high school stages. In 2014 I started working with young talent in grades 10 – 12, the beginning of my journey of whispering in the ears of talent. In 2015 I took another leap into the tertiary space and Millennials in the workplace, as first born children of my initial core of parent followers had advanced into this territory. They are now the new talent on the block in a very fast-changing world. At this time I acquired an additional descriptor, that of Talent Whisperer.

As the new world of work is evolving so we are having to redefine what a high performing, talented individuals look like today. In 2016 I started a conversation with Raymond De Villiers from leading futurist consultancy TomorrowToday (specialists in tracking trends and helping clients navigate the new world of work and co-founded by Dr Graeme Codrington). This collaboration resulted in our co-authored ebook, Talent Re:Defined and a series of presentations linked to it, to help companies better engage with, manage and retain their talent – of all ages.

I am a Talent Whisperer to anyone raising, educating or employing young talent today. And I help young talent create their own Talent Profiles – a journey of self-discovery that results in a type of CV on steroids, so to speak.

So there you have it. The story of my two hats.

It is the Talent Whisperer hat I am wearing for the Raising Young Talent for the New World of Work event I am hosting at Henley Business School on 4 April 2017. Join me and my fellow panelists Sameer Rawjee, the Dean of Google’s O School of Life Design and Raymond de Villiers from  TomorrowToday.

I will be presenting my talk Raising Young Talent for the New World of Work and Sameer and Ray will add their respective perspectives which will be followed by a panel discussion. Whether you are raising talent, educating talent or employing young talent, this insightful evening about the changing world of work is for you. Don’t miss it. Click here for booking details.


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