Talent Redefined

There is a new mantra for the world of work: “Who you are is going to be far more important than what you do or what you sell”. This is because companies are operating in a fast-changing environment enabled by the technology. What they do and what they sell is going to change at a pace if they are to stay in business.

For companies to survive and thrive they need to be nimble and flexible. They need to be able to adapt as disruptive technologies change the way they do business or change the very business that they do. This, in turn, means that organisations are starting to look for a different kind of high performing individual. Today we call these individuals talent.

Talent, like organisations, needs to be adaptable and resilient, to be able to cope with change. This means that companies will increasingly look for X-factors beyond a candidate’s qualification. In fact, academic qualifications will have less and less bearing on an individual’s employability in a future-focused workplace.

The talent scorecard is changing to suit the needs and complexities of the new world of work. This presentation unpacks how to redefine talent, what to look for beyond the traditional qualifications and CV. Talent Redefined is not just relevant for recruiting companies, human resources and human capital departments who do the recruiting, but for everyone who considers themselves to be talent, of any age, and at every level of an organisation, employed, or self-employed.

Talent Redefined unpacks the following concepts using current insights and examples, and includes various self-tests to help members of the audience consider where they are on the Redefined Talent Scorecard:

For companies to remain flexible and nimble in a fast-changing world, they need to be attracting and retaining talented, high performing individuals who are compatible with the Talent Redefined scorecard.  Are you?

Every delegate will receive a free copy of the Talent Redefined ebook written by Raymond de Villiers and Nikki Bush.

  • Tolerance of difference
  • Adaptability
  • Life-long learning
  • Experimenting and failure
  • Networking
  • Temporary


  • I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop at St Peter’s last week. I have two boys aged 8 and 6 and a new addition of a little girl aged 12 weeks. My boys have loved playing games in the car on the way to and from school, it gives me some special time with them before their baby sister demands to be fed. Thanks very much.

    Lisa Osborne
  • You are truly extraordinary. Love your work. You are a visionary.

    Ange Ramsamy
  • “Working in partnership with Nikki added real value to our Positive Steps campaign for Lipton Ice Tea. Nikki brought real credibility to the parenting message that were were trying to get involved in and gave legitimacy to our brand’s involvement. Nikki also came with a following, so if targeting parents, she amplifies your audience. Overall she was a strong addition to our campaign. As for the talks themselves and the content, Nikki captivated our audience with her engaging and entertaining style, coupled with her depth of knowledge and confidence. The take-home value for parents was enormous.”

    Stewart Jones GM Lipton Ice Tea, Unilever.
  • Lovely meeting you yesterday at the Garden Road Montessori talk. I was so inspired and left feeling so light and enthusiastic about the little changes I plan to make with my son. I took a lot from the talk – but especially creating memories and special moments in our daily ordinariness. You made me realise how much potential each moment actually has! Thank you Nikki, for the good work you do.

    Natasha Vithal
  • Exposure Marketing has enjoyed having Nikki Bush on board as a parenting speaker at our events. Her creative content and engaging presentation style make her a real ‘value add’ at our expos. We have invited Nikki to present her talks at The Baby Expo MamaMagic and at our recent addition Future-Ed, The Education Show. Nikki’s talks are always very popular and relevant to our visitors.

    Projeni Pather Managing Director: Exposure Marketing
  • I was fresh out of ideas for what to do with my four year old when I have quality time with her. Thanks Nikki for sharing your fun and creative approach with us today. I couldn’t wait to get home and play with my child. I had no idea I could be so instrumental in getting her ready for school and that it doesn’t need to be stressful.

    Nathalie Potgieter
  • Nikki, thanks for showing us how to mix up games to create more games and that it’s okay to break the rules and make new ones. I am so inspired to spend time with my two pre-schoolers. You have made me want to play with my kids again and I am going to home to haul out all the unused games and bring them back to life with all your ‘out of the box’ ideas.

    Jennifer Webb
  • Thank you for inspiring me to continue playing with my children now that they are in senior primary and high school. They will just love the potato and gambling games. You’ve given me new ideas for Friday games nights.

    Susan Watts
  • I never knew I was so competitive! Thanks for a really fun evening playing games in your home. Isn’t it odd how we forget just how much family fun there is in a simple deck of cards. Thanks for reminding me that fun doesn’t need to cost much other than a bit of my time.

    Brenda Swart
  • Thanks for your Big Kid Fun workshop – my wife dragged me with her to attend and I haven’t had so much fun in a long time. It was great to laugh and ‘reconnect through play’ as you say. Play is definitely an under-utilised parenting too. We played some of your games with our children on the weekend and they were spot on. They want to know when we can play them again. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Rob Evans

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