Top Women’s Day Event Ideas


Top Women’s Day Event Ideas

With the 9th of August swiftly approaching, Women’s Day event ideas are being discussed and considered at every turn. Those who want to have a memorable National Women’s Day will benefit from planning in advance and hosting an event that can be enjoyed by all. Below we have detailed some top Women’s Day event ideas for you to consider:

  • Hosting a picnic or spit braai with your staff complement and hiring a motivational speaker to address guests is a popular option for Women’s Day events. Women’s Day is of course a public holiday to be enjoyed by all. By creating a relaxed environment and providing a corporate speaker who can inspire and motivate the team, you will be able to host a memorable event of distinction.
  • Host a fund raising event in the honour of women and donate the funds to deserving charities. Fund raising can be done by selling tickets to the event, hosting an auction, selling items and similar. Some charities to consider include Bethany Home (a home and place of rehabilitation for abused women and their children) United Sanctuary Against Abuse (USAA) and the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children
  • Host a fun and inspirational day for the women in your office. This could include a women’s breakfast, yoga class and a makeover/talk by an image consultant. All of these activities are healthy and will promote confidence, self esteem and a social element amongst the women in the office.
  • Being a woman is all about being feminine yet strong and giving back to each other. Encourage the women to give back on Women’s Day, even though it is their special day. You could do this by encouraging the women to host a blood drive or a charity collection at the office. This will certainly leave the women feeling good, inspired and motivated to do more for those less fortunate.

Hire Nikki Bush as Your Motivational Speaker at Your Women’s Day Celebrations

Regardless of the type of Women’s Day event you plan to host this year, you can certainly benefit from the services of a professional and inspiring motivational speaker. Nikki Bush specialises in addressing corporate gatherings and will ensure that the women in your office leave her talk feeling inspired and refreshed. Women who attend her talk will have new focus and feel better equipped to handle stress and upcoming challenges, as well as accessing their creativity.

Talks especially suited for Women’s Day events

My team and I have put together a few of my presentations that are especially suited to Women’s Day.  Browse through by clicking here and let us know which topic you like best; feel free to contact me should you need any more info or to book me for your next event: [email protected]

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