Nikki Bush has long been regarded as a sane voice in a world full of confusing opinions and choices when it comes to child development and parenting. She founded Toy Talk® 12 years ago to provide parents with trusted, independent opinion when it comes to the toys and games they buy for their children. Toy Talk® tracks trends, innovations and what’s new on the market as well as championing classic evergreen items that every child should have in their toy cupboard. Nikki understands how time-starved busy parents are today and her highly recommend short-list of games and toys helps make shopping easy and painless because parents can shop with confidence knowing that what Nikki recommends is tried and tested. Nikki recently partnered with, South Africa’s leading online retailer to make the games and toys she recommends more accessible and convenient to parents everywhere, with deliveries to your doorstep. Her Toy Talk 2018 festive recommendations form part of a bigger picture with monthly themed advice regarding appropriate products for specific areas of your child’s development, helping you to be the best parent you can be.

Welcome to the world of Toy Talk® with Nikki Bush 

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