Entertain Your Kids with Fun Finger Knitting

Entertain your kids with fun finger knitting. Now this may be a blast from your past! All you need is a bit of wool and your hands. A fun activity that is enjoyed by both girls and boys. Do it while waiting between activities, or when travelling in the car or long-distance.

See who can make the longest chain. Finger knitting is not only entertaining but also is a fantastic activity for fine-motor which helps to strengthen your chils fingers for writing and reading. The more you do it the better you get! Now you know what to do with that old ball of wool you found when you cleared out your drawers the other day!

Finger Knitting

What do You Need for Finger Knitting?

  1. A ball of wool

How do you Finger Knit:

  1. Make a slip knot and put the loop over your pointing finger (to see pictures, click here, and I am right handed so the loop is placed on my left pointing finger)
  2. Hold the short tail in your other three fingers
  3. Using the long end of the wool make another loop over the same finger, next to the first loop of the slip knot. Put the remaining long tail in the same hand as the short tail
  4. Now, pick up the slip knot loop and pull it over the second loop and off your finger. Give the short tail a gentle tug. You have created your first daisy chain
  5. Now repeat step 3 over and over again and your chain will start growing. You will find your own rhythm and create your own tension for the stitches so that they start looking even and identical

Wo knew there was so much fun and learning to be had with a ball of wool!  So the opposite of a screen-based activity and it is the precursor to teaching your child how to knit or crochet. As crafts are making such a come-back your child might well be interested!

Finger Knitting