WhispersforyoungtalentWhispers for Young Talent

Young people entering the world of work today are entering a very new and different place from their parents. There are no longer jobs for life and people tend to job hop with increasing frequency for a variety of reasons. In addition, the world of work is changing rapidly in line with the technological revolution.

In Whispers for Young Talent, speaker and author Nikki Bush identifies reasons why young talent leave their jobs quickly while also painting a picture of the changing world of work. It contains useful pieces of advice to help young people to break into the world of work with a realistic mindset and to stay around for long enough to acquire meaningful experience that will help them to colour and develop their all-important Talent Profile. This is a multimedia showcase of all their learnings and experiences in addition to any academic qualifications they may have.

Wherever young talent finds itself right now, is their stepping stone to what’s next. No matter what they think of their current status or job, it will influence or guide them to the next one, enabling them to contribute more and better in the next.

Developing X-factors for success on the job and being able to showcase them will increase employability in the future. Gone are the days when a qualification on its own could set young people up for their entire career. This is not what young people were told in school, or during their tertiary studies. We need to prepare them so that they can avoid the quarter life crisis that is becoming an increasing reality among young people closing in on their 30s who feel that life has let them down.

The outcome of this presentation is to inspire young talent (matriculants, graduates and Millennials in the workplace) to combine the wisdom of these whispers with their talent and opportunity eyes to create an interesting and constantly evolving portfolio.

In a corporate setting, this keynote presentation is a valuable precursor to the Developing Your Talent Profile presentation.


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